About CM SunEraSolar System Installers in Calgary, AB

With solar energy, global citizens are able to positively impact both our environment as well as our wallets. Given the potential benefit for both the planet and our clients, we take pride in our work here at CM SunEra.
CM SunEra determines and maximizes your home’s solar energy potential, thereby ensuring you are provided with the optimum system components and configuration.

Solar panels absorb sunlight and solar inverters convert this direct current into alternating current to produce electricity. Making use of such a renewable natural resource allows you to forget about massive electricity bills and lend a hand towards restoring the environment.

Further reasons that prove solar systems are the way to go:

  1. The massive advantage is that it reduces energy bills.
  2. Every time you turn a switch ‘On’, you feel good for not helping a power plant burn more coal.
  3. The future generation directly benefits from your present actions in the form of a less polluted and less damaged environment.
  4. You are utilizing your own solar energy and are no longer dependent on gigantic power plants for your energy requirements. The happiness and pride felt by doing the same is immense.
  5. Professional solar companies who have been in the business long enough are equipped with the necessary expertise, knowledge and technology to help you smoothly transition into living a greener life.

Why should you work with CM SunEra?

Approachable and Precise

We at CM SunEra are deeply passionate about solar energy and the many benefits it offers. We reflect this passion through our quality work which results in happy clients. With confidence we let you know that you will receive the best quality solar systems installation at a competitive price.

Continuous involvement

CM SunEra is a part of SESA (Solar Energy Society of Alberta) which seeks to spread awareness related to solar energy and other renewable energy to reduce the damage caused by humans to the environment. In fact right now, we are participating in the Energy Efficiency Alberta Program, as an accredited installer. To make things easier for you, CM SunEra will fill out the application on your behalf so you can receive the incentive for installing a solar system.

Local Business Support

We make it a point to deal with local businesses while procuring required material for our business. We ensure that our solar system components (example, solar panels) are of superior quality. Currently some of our solar panels are made in Canada by CanadianSolar. Also, we use the international award winning racking system fabricated by Kinetic Solar in Alberta.

Positive Results

Our commitment to our work is evident in the way we deliver on our services offered. It fills us with great satisfaction to enable our clients in using their own green energy. The joy we receive from depending on solar energy for our energy consumption needs is what we seek to spread to our clients.

At CM SunEra, you can be confident you are receiving the best solar system Calgary has to offer.

We are a family operated business with an aim to ensure that every client is capable of depending on their own solar energy while simultaneously saving a considerable amount of money and contributing to a greater cause.

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